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I would really like to thank Hannes for this day. I always thought finances is a really boring world with people with pens and calculators. For me the financial world was a closed world, but Hannes opened it up and I really think it is worth your while to come to a course like this, experience how you can be free, and be set free in the Financial World. Thank You!



I was so excited to attend this course. This is really what I needed at this time, and I am very excited. I am really sure that I will be debt free very soon, and I will be able to buy more property. Thank you very much Mr Hannes. I am so glad I attended your course. May God bless you!



I now have a plan to get out of what seems to be a hopeless situation. For the 1st time since the interest rates start to go up, I have a clear workable plan to survive and even better! Get out of debt.



I’ve learned a simple way of accelerating my debt payments. It was interesting to see how to find ways of repaying debt.

Hannes Van Den Berg


Clear indication that there is a process to be financially independent. I realized how we are badly affected by not taking ownership of our own financial intelligence.



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Our Program


With over 7 hours of content, our program is designed to give you the skills you need so that you can get the results you want. Want to unmask the system that keeps you poor? Want to know how to get out of debt in months instead of years? No problem.

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About Us


Founded in 2005, Warriors Against Debt is a private South African education company that specializes in the education of debt. We offer students the unique opportunity to FREE themselves entirely of debt with our Debt Eradication Course.

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Here you’ll find debt related articles with content ranging from Debt Destroys Dream to Vehicle Finance and a lot in between. Are you looking for some advice on how to save money? Want to know where you should start? Or how you can reduce your credit card debt?